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UNIK LIFE CARE TRUST is a non-governmental organization, which will directly provide benefit from generic medicines, digital education, health care, livelihood and women’s empowerment, child care and many more through welfare projects. Read More

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We want to spread awareness about the use of life in the better way of education. This means that all kinds of people will be able to empower them to live up to their livelihood and life. Because unless you have any awareness on any issues. That means you are not strong in living standard. So your life’s livelihood enhances both of the unusual problems – from health care to social behavior and others’ human rights – and through this process we have aimed to provide better support to the citizens.

Undoubtedly, education is the most powerful for social change. Equally good health and self-enabled are also important. To make the basic process of our life aware. The same goal is to make health, cleanliness, education, rights, and awareness. Reaching help to the people will be emphasized in the empowerment of our responsibilities towards the nation. In addition, services will be provided in order to provide relevant skilled classrooms for employment so that the visit to the entrepreneur at national level continues beyond the current generation.

UNIK LIFE CARE TRUST by introducing a NGO, health, cleanliness, education, awareness of the old age people and fundamental rights, in the corridors of the country, the children, their families and the elderly community there is a goal to focus on its intervention.

Unik life care trust believes that unless a citizen of our country itself is not included in the process of helping people in the process of development, then no permanent change in any way will be a miracle.

Do you know how many children are out of school in India – due to lack of resources due to poverty and health services due to low and expensive medicines, families surrounded by disasters, and every day in their life for their survival are fighting the battle? But we will try to make all the services, security, facilities, and environment of every kind of life perfectly suited to life. To all creatures, humans and children, aged, woman, will be able to give them all the fundamental facilities needed.

Our Team

Naresh Kumar - Chairperson

Mr. Naresh Kumar

Education - Graduate
Profession - Retail business Finalization decision, whole NGO process, developing and managing donation.

Mr. Deepak Kumar

General Secretary( FOUNDER )
Education - MBA-Operation
Professional - Insurance & Consultant Business
Founder and strategy, with Information Technology experience with responsibilities of organizing activities developing programs other Planning functions, seasoned writer, strategy planner.