There is a need in the development area of the society in order to ensure the best and to ensure and promote, to follow the law and follow the moral standards perfectly. Complete management process and practice of the Unique Life Care Trust will be do  compliance with the Principles of Good Governance ‘.

I. Policies and Decision Making

The Unique Life Care Trust, from the very first day, works on a representative work environment. Every person in the organization is normally involved in the process of decision making in the system.

Policy and decision-making in the Foundation is done through a four-level system.

II. Department and Division

For each department, the monthly review meetings were organized to be organized regularly.

Project and monitoring management

Project and monitoring of UNIK Life Care Trust

Maintains a systematic and well-processed process of all kinds. These are as follows:

  1. NGO Trustee
  2. Volunteer
  3. Executive
  4. Freelancer members

All of these have to come through a variety of systems before joining the Unique Life Care Trust.

While selecting, we do not choose to be mentally fit and do not opt for any criminal activity.

as par our privacy policy and terms & condition.

The process of monitoring the project will be done in an analysis manner will not be used in any manner which will be done internally;